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Zipline Lollipop 14.0 Graphite Carbon Ski Poles

Zipline Lollipop 14.0 Graphite Carbon Composite Ski Poles

Zipline Lollipop 14.0 Graphite Carbon Composite Ski Poles

Shaft: Graphite Composite (14.0 mm)
Basket: Small Hexagon -5.5cm
What we like: Super lightweight and compact, very durable, perfect grip
What we don’t: Might feel too thin for some skiers

Zipline Lollipop 14.0 Graphite Carbon Composite Ski Poles

Zipline has some of the best range of ski poles across the market. Lollipop 14.0 is one of the best selling models by Zipline, and it is one of the best ski poles available in the market. It’s ultra-lightweight and compact, and it’s perfect for someone who loves to experience maximum performance more than anything else.

The Graphite Carbon Composite Technology is the groundbreaking feature of Lollipop 14.0. It’s a definitive upgrade from the backdated carbon material. The graphite composite material ensures both better longevity and performance while being super lightweight. That way you can enjoy the maximum performance in skiing without having to compromise the durability to enjoy the aggressive skiing moves and tricks.

These ski poles also provide the best grip. The Zip Touch dual density grip feature allows you to get a better grip which helps you to get better overall control while skiing. Also, the material used in the pole reduces the vibration with pole plants, giving you extra control over your movements.

The adjustable zip straps are another amazing feature of these ski poles. These give you a perfect fit without any extra buckles or other annoying parts. The zip tip lets you get precise pole plants and secured grip for enhanced safety and a richer skiing experience that you crave. Overall, these ski poles are unbeatable, and you can’t get a better deal at their price range.

So, if you are searching for some quality ski poles, these are a no brainer option for you. Give it a try, and you’ll absolutely fall in love with its quality and performance.

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