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Zipline Blurr 16.0 Graphite Composite Ski Poles

Zipline Blurr 16.0 Graphite Carbon Composite Ski Poles

Zipline Blurr 16.0 Graphite Carbon Composite Ski Poles

Shaft: Graphite Composite (16.0 mm)
Basket: Powder
What we like: Super-premium quality, exceptional durability, better control
What we don’t: A bit pricey compared to other ski poles available out there

Zipline Blurr 16.0 Graphite Carbon Composite Ski Poles

Zipline has some of the most premium quality ski poles in the market. These are pretty expensive in the pricing but definitely worth your money. Blurr 16.0 is one of their best selling ski poles that you can get for maximum performance and quality. These are durable, lightweight, and compact, and helps to give you a smooth and enjoyable skiing experience.

These ski poles are made of graphite carbon composite material. That’s far better than the aluminum as it’s super lightweight and provides better durability as well. Also, it reduces the vibration by a lot with each pole plant, and that way you can get a more enjoyable skiing experience.

The ski poles are super stiff as well, and it’s perfect for getting maximum performance while skiing. This model of ski pole is actually used by professional athletes, and it’s perfect for any starter or expert level skiers. The 9mm powder basket makes it a super effective ski pole that you can get. The zip touch dual density grip helps to give you a great grip. That way you don’t have to worry about the poles slipping out of your hands, which is super annoying and even frustrating at times. And the Velcro straps keep the ski poles secured so that you are more in control of the whole thing.

So, if you’d like to get yourself a pair of premium quality ski poles and you are not hesitant to pay a bit extra for that, this is a no brainer option for you. Just give it a go, and you’ll be satisfied with its stunning quality and performance.

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