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Wantdo Women’s Hooded Short Down Jacket

Wantdo Women’s Hooded Short Down Jacket

Category: Lightweight
Weight: 1.1 pounds
What we like: Warm and cozy, very durable, comes with a nice hoodie
What we don’t: The sleeves can feel a bit long for some people

If you’ve been searching for quality down jackets, you must’ve come across the brand Wantdo by now. They manufacture some of the best ranges of jackets that you can get for your money. This one is undoubtedly one of their best women’s down jackets.

The nylon taffeta shell helps to keep you warm in colder environments. It’s filled with 80 percent soft and duck down the foam, and that helps to preserve the warmth of your body. Yet, this jacket only weighs 1.1 pounds, and that’s pretty lightweight. It’ll allow you to move with more freedom and flexibility. However, the materials used in this jacket is pretty premium, and you can expect great longevity out of these jackets. It’s going to last you for seasons after seasons without any issue. So, you won’t have to get a new one more frequently.

This jacket looks super sleek thanks to the convenient design. It’s not too baggy, neither too slim fit, and that lets you pull off the perfect look. It also comes with a few pockets that you can use to store your essentials in and keep them safe. The elastic cuffs are super effective in blocking cold streams of wind or snow. Also, it’s super portable, and you can carry it anywhere without any issue. Although you can use it in different scenarios, it gives you the best performance in extremely cold environments. That makes it the perfect down jacket for snowboarding, skiing, and other winter activities.

So, if you’d like to get a warm and cozy down jacket for yourself that’s not too bulky, this one is undoubtedly a solid option for you. You truly can’t get a better deal for your money than this one.

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