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The Complete Mountain Biking Guide for 2021

Are you going to start mountain biking? So this one is the right place you are looking for so far. Mountain biking is a bit tough but exciting. What you need is to advance systematically to reach your goal. Confidence is the key thing, and practice is inevitable here. But before going to start the day, you need to acquire some knowledge about it.

That is why, in this blog post, we are providing you with the complete mountain biking guide for you. Honestly, the guide will make you an expert, and you can learn everything faster than ever!

What is Mountain Biking?

Undoubtedly, mountain biking is challenging but can give you pleasure, fun, and body fitness if you get it by heart. However, here, you need to ride your bike off-road. Surprisingly, most of the terrain is rough here. Nowadays, it’s divided into many categories, such as freeride, downhill, enduro, trail riding, and cross country. Generally, this type requires self-reliance, bike handling skills, core balance and strength, and endurance.

Is mountain biking good or dangerous?

All things have both merits and demerits. So mountain biking is also like them. But honestly, it brings more blessings than a curse. From muscle building to exploring new locations – it can be enjoyed through it. Besides, you will get the following benefits:

Good sides
  • Mountain biking is highly suitable for fitness. It develops your mental and physical health. When you ride, it puts pressure on your entire body, and your muscles develop unconsciously. While riding, you will have some challenging climbs that increase cardio and technical pitches. As a result, your legs become stronger gradually. When you descend above the rocky surfaces, the process tones your arms and makes them robust.
  • Mountain bike riding allows you to explore and see new locations. It’s highly suitable for mental health. Also, it helps you get acquainted with new places and people, make friends, and spread brotherhood.
  • It helps you build up a new community by meeting new bikers, and in this way, you can see their local trails. It will also help you what mountain bike protective gear they usually wear and what mountain bike brands they buy. Thus, you will gradually gather new experiences day by day.
  • Mountain biking is full of fun! This one is one of the most engaging sports on earth. And you can enjoy technical or high-speed rock gardens, weekly rides and events, skills clinics, potlucks, BBQs, and festivals.
Dangerous sides
  • Bone injuries are also known as bone fractures. These are common dangers that mountain bikers frequently face. Remember, they can destroy a biker’s career. But putting on perfect mountain bike gear can protect you from that kind of danger.
  • Contusions, lacerations, and abrasions are skin and soft tissue related injuries. The sprains on the joints and neck and back strains also belong to this category.
  • Mountain bike fails can lead to severe injuries in and out of the abdomen and chest. But proper mountain biking equipment can help you minimize damage.
  • When you face an accident because of poor control, skids, or falls, it puts pressure on your joints, such as fingers, wrist, knees, and ankles. Here, the most common types of injuries are the acromioclavicular ones. Besides, the dislocation of knees and elbows, lateral menisci, and cruciate ligaments are also common.
Is biking on a mountain easy or hard?

Biking on a mountain is not that easy, like biking on a straight road. This one is hard and needs a lot of practice to ride effectively. Here, you need much effort to climb a hill and much control to down as well. But if you practice a lot and have firm determination, gradually, it will become easier.

Naturally, you may not be able to do well in your first effort. Like many other games and sports, you repeatedly fail at the very beginning, but at one point, you must overcome all the obstacles if you practice riding frequently.

In this case, we always suggest our visitors not to feel shy if they fail often. Yes, the task is more formidable, and in the first attempt, you may not cope with the surface condition. Whatever people think about you doesn’t matter. Indeed, you will learn through mistakes. But one thing you have to remember is that a beginner mountain bike can ease your pressure a bit.

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Tips for picking up a perfect mountain bike

Mountain biking for beginners is troublesome, and it becomes more acute if you choose the wrong bike. That is why you have to buy the best mountain bike to make your riding more comfortable. Here are some tips for you, and truthfully, they will help you choose the perfect one for you:

What type of bike is good for you?

There are two main types of mountain bikes – hardtails and full-suspension. Some people may buy other types, but you should not go beyond the types stated above if you want to get the real riding pleasure.

  • Hardtail: You should know about the characteristics of hardtail bikes. Remember that a hardtail one doesn’t have rear suspension; instead, you will get that with the front fork. These bikes are perfect for cross-country riding but less useful for bike parks and enduro riding. Most of them contain 100mm to 130mm travel forks.
  • Full-suspension: It also refers to full squish. The bikes of this category contain suspension in the rear shock and the front fork. The primary purpose of it is to prevent bumps and bounces while going through rough terrain. Manufacturers try to add at least 120 mm to 200+ mm suspensions.

From the above discussion, you have got an idea about two main types of mountain bikes. We always recommend you buy from the full-suspension category if you cope with the price. Otherwise, you can buy a hardtail one.


A perfect frame can give you an ideal riding experience. Therefore, you have to choose one with a standard frame. And to do it correctly, consider your height first and then compare the frame with it. Thus, you can pick up the right one, and don’t forget that a bike with a too big or small a frame can be problematic and uncomfortable to ride.


You will get bikes with 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches out there. If I especially want to say about a 26 inches wheel, it’s less useful to cope with the adverse surfaces. Conversely, a 29 inches wheel is big enough and works effectively against challenging roads. But it also has a demerit! Hmm, you find it challenging to carry the extra load of the wheels. That is why we always recommend a bike with 27.5 inches wheels. These are comfortable and easy to pedal.

Construction materials

Most bikers prefer to buy a bike made with carbon because this one is lightweight and reliable. So it can serve you for years, but in comparison with an aluminum one, it’s a bit expensive. But the aluminum ones also belong to the heavy-duty category. And if you are a beginner, I will recommend you buy an aluminum one. It’s lightweight, durable, and affordable, too!

Things needed to wear during mountain biking

To ensure your high-safety, you have to wear the best accessories for mountain bikes. For example – you can buy some clothes related to it like mountain bike shorts, moisture-wicking shirts and long, and so on. Let’s check the list given below:

  • Shorts: These are made with flexible materials and very lightweight. Because of high-quality construction materials, they dry quickly. You can buy any eye-sparkling designs or colors according to your choice. Please, stay away from low-quality shorts.
  • Chamois: These are convenient if you wear one under your shorts. It will provide comfort while pedaling.
  • Jerseys: They are moisture-wicking and very comfortable. Please buy the best brand.
  • Gloves: They will help you stay away from sweaty or wet hands. Also, they will protect while bumping into a tree or rock.
  • Socks: Always pick up good quality socks made with high-quality construction materials.
  • Shoes: Mountain biking shoes are great for protecting your feet from scratches or cuts.
  • Helmet: Mountain bike helmets can keep your head safe during an accident.
  • Jacket: If you want to start mountain biking during the winter season, you should buy a lightweight jacket for that.

Bike Maintenance

Maintaining your bike perfectly is a must if you want to get the exact riding pleasure. To do this, you need to clean it regularly with suitable cleaning solutions, pumping up tires, tightening the bolts regularly if loosen, wiping off the stanchions, and lubing the chain. You can use a special polish that lets the body shine. When you don’t take care of your bike, stains will grab everywhere and destroy the riding peace.

Know about the trails thoroughly

After completing all the formalities, you are now ready to go. But isn’t it essential to know about the trails on which you are going to ride? So you need to see the road conditions, the beginning and the ending points, and so on.

Now let’s know about the ways of choosing mountain biking trails:

  • Firstly, search for the best beginner trails near you.
  • You can download and use the TrailForks app to get the best beginner trails near you.
  • Try to choose green and blue paths.
The things you can encounter on the trails

Mountain bike paths vary from country to country. So you should know about them first as soon as you get there. Before that, here, we are trying to introduce you to some of them. Let’s have a look:

  • Berms: These are banked corners that help you convey speed through a turn. Generally, they are not natural, and you will get it in all bike flow and park trails.
  • Drops: They may be human-made or natural as the same as a ramp or rock. It helps you go from a higher to a lower elevation.
  • Singletrack vs. Double: Singletrack is suitable for foot or bike, but doubletrack is a wide trail where a jeep or OHV can navigate.
  • Gap Jump: It’s a double jump. Here a rider needs to clear a gap between the landing and take-off.
  • Booter or Kicker: They can be natural or human-made and help bikers get air off of.
  • Off-Camber: It’s a slanted slope – Sidehill or rock slabs riding.
  • Others: You may also face Rock gardens, roller, skinny, switchback, and tabletop.
The conclusion

Nothing is impossible in this world, and what you need is the perfect determination to overcome all the obstacles regarding mountain biking. At the very beginning, you will fail, but frankly, one day, you will turn into a high-class mountain biker if you practice it with extra attention.

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