Summit Complete Men’s Snowboard Package

System Timeless and Summit Complete Men's Snowboard Package

System Timeless and Summit Complete Men’s Snowboard Package

Category: All-mountain
Ability level: Beginner to advanced
Flex: Soft
Shape: Twin Directional
What we like: High-quality snowboard set, super durable, lives up to its price
What we don’t: Not the most affordable option out there

System Timeless and Summit Complete Men's Snowboard Package

System is a well-renowned brand that’s dominating the market with their exceptional quality snow gears. This men’s snowboard package is on the best complete set which includes Timeless (Snowboard), APX boots by System, and Summit bindings by Camp Seven.

The Timeless is a premium quality snowboard that enhances the riding experience and makes it a lot smoother and more fun. The 3D core with Edgelock ensures utter control and flexibility while riding it. The artisan grade heartwood stringer gives it bombastic power and makes it a powerhouse snowboard for the user. This snowboard provides you with the maximum performance that you crave without compromising the longevity of it. That way you can use it for seasons after seasons without having to sweat over replacements.

Then there are Summit bindings by Camp Seven included in the package. That features a full-length EVA vase pad that gives you utter freedom even when you are riding on the choppiest of the terrain. Also, the Either-Or toe strap allows you to customize the fit so that you can get the perfect fit with the bindings. That makes it a snowboard for riders of all ages, which means you can teach the kids with this snowboard as well. And there’s APX boot included on the package as well. It’s truly a super packed snowboard package that you can get for your money.

So, if you’d like to get yourself a complete set snowboard and you are willing to pay a bit extra to get a quality product, this one is the best option for you. It’s a bit more pricey compared to other snowboard packages, but it’s worth every single penny.

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