Hiking Shoes

Skechers Afterburn M. Fit Men’s Shoes

Skechers Afterburn M. Fit Men’s Shoes

  • Category: Hiking shoes
  • Weight: 12.24 Ounces
  • Item model number: 50125
  • What we like: Soft and comfortable, but sturdy and durable.

Whether you hike, run, or jog, the Skechers Afterburn extra wide hiking shoes are the perfect solution for you. It ensures high safety and comfort simultaneously, and the construction materials have made it sturdy and durable. You can easily rely on the product because the manufacturer has used 100% synthetic/leather to make this high-quality shoe. And of course, you need not bother about the comfort at all.

When an athlete wants to buy a pair of running shoes, firstly, he checks whether it contains a high-quality sole. If you buy this one, you need not worry about that because this time, it has come with a rubber sole. Therefore, the shoe is extremely suitable for a hiker or runner as the sole protects him from an unexpected slip during the session. And indeed, being durable, you need not bother about any crack even if you use the shoe repeatedly. 

Being 2 inches high, the heel allows you to look taller and provides a heartwarming feeling while walking or running, and are not toddler hiking shoes. And the tongue? It contains cushioned mesh that avoids debris to enter inside. Also, the memory foam insole helps your feet, ankles, and finger to remain alright and provides a kind of comfort you never enjoyed with other shoes. The main characteristic of the shoe is its high durability. Whether you walk or run amid any weather conditions, doesn’t matter, it can cope with ease! I guarantee you must not repent after buying and using the product.

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