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RIPEN TREK RAIZ Ultra Lightweight 1-2 Person Tent

RIPEN TREK RAIZ Ultra Lightweight 1-2 Person Tent 

Packaged Weight: 3.78 Pounds
Dimensions: 17.32 x 8.5 x 5.71 inches
Capacities: 1P, 2P
What we like: Premium quality, super lightweight, maximum satisfaction
What we don’t: Not the most affordable option for everybody

A backpacking tent is very beneficial for a camper as it’s super portable. You can literally take it on your back and go for hiking, fishing, kayaking, and so many adventures.

Ripen is a Japanese brand that produces the most premium backpacking tent. This tent is made with high-quality materials. So, it’s going to require less maintenance and it’ll last you very long.

It’s very lightweight on your shoulders as well. It only weighs 3.78 pounds, which is very impressive. As campers want more space to move inside the tent, this one is going to be perfect in that case. It’s very spacious from the inside for 1 to 2 people. If you’re searching for 3 person backpacking tents, then they might lack a bit of space.

The best thing about camping is undoubtedly the sightseeing of nature. The convenient design used in this tent lets you enjoy the natural sighs without any interruption. That helps you get a better experience in your camping like eureka backpacking tents that are super expensive.

Also, it gives great protection against the weather. No matter how harsh the environment outside, you won’t have any issue sitting inside the camp. It can withstand rain, heavy streams of wind, and any kind of harmful natural element, similar to premium Cabelas backpacking tents.

This tent will last you a very long time. And it’s super easy to carry around and set up. That’s perfect for you if you are a solo camper. So, if you don’t like to compromise the quality for money, you can go for these 1 person backpacking tents for you.

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