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Mongoose Status 26-Inch Wheels Mountain Bike

Mongoose Status 26-Inch Wheels Mountain Bike

Dimensions: 52.99 x 26.81 x 8.31 inches
Weight: 44.3 pounds
Size: 26 inches
What we like: Very comfortable to ride, pretty lightweight, a durable aluminum frame body
What we don’t: Not for beginners

Mongoose is one of the most renowned brands in the mountain bike industry that manufactures premium quality bikes at an affordable price range. This 26-inch bike is undoubtedly their best-selling bike that you can get for yourself.

It’s pretty tall, and you’ll get a better grip on the handle much easier. The compact design and the seat makes this bike very comfortable to ride. It’s especially great for riders who love to go for a long ride. It also gives good control to the rider, which is crucial if you are riding off-road. The V brakes do a great job of making it better and safer for you.

This bike weighs only 44.3 pounds, which is pretty impressive for a 26-inch bike. That lets you carry the bike all by yourself without any issue. However, it uses a high-quality aluminum frame and that makes it super sturdy. That’s perfect if you want to ride it on trails, or any other rough surfaces as well.

It is super easy to assemble the bike in place and you can be done in minutes. But as convenient it is, it’s not a great bike for you if you are just starting out. Yet, if you have a decent experience in biking and the basics down, it’s undoubtedly a great mountain bike for you.

So, if you want to get a sleek, comfortable, and durable mountain bike for yourself, be sure to check this one out. It has everything you need to get a great riding experience.

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