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Merrell J3768 Men’s Hiking Water Shoe

Merrell J3768 Men’s Hiking Water Shoe

  • Category: Hiking shoes
  • Weight: 11 ounces
  • Item model number: J3768
  • What we like: Soft and comfortable shoes.

Whenever people hear the famous brand name the Merrell, they reassure themselves about the performance and durability. Yes, the fact is like a universal truth because the manufacturer always uses high-quality materials to make their shoes comparing to brands like oboz hiking shoes or even Nike. Like others, this version is also world-class, and you need not bother about its constant performance. The upper is made with 100% polyurethane-coated leather and mesh. As a result, the portion is durable, and you need not think about the comfort level at all. The ventilation system is enough to keep your feet dry and provide unusual comfort.

Of course, you are thinking about the sole? Hmm, the synthetic sole is sturdy but soft. The safety it provides is exceptional; for example – when you are running on a rough path, it saves you from getting slipped and falling down. It can grab the surface tightly when you are on a track. And of course, the part is durable, and you need not think about sudden damage or crack for frequent use. Besides, the insole is highly comfortable as the portion is soft and always keeps your feet alright.

Do you think about weight? No, you shouldn’t because the shoe is extremely lightweight – only 11 ounces, and you can move more freely without any extra burden. It’s even a perfect pair of kids hiking shoes. The tongue is well-made and protects your feet by keeping dirt out. Apart from that, the toe cap is finely made that protects your feet from abrupt shock. And the TPU heel is a molded type that provides comfort and increases stability during the session. Above all, you can buy the pair without thinking much.

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