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Helly-Hansen Men’s Team Crew Midlayer Jacket

Helly-Hansen Men’s Team Crew Midlayer Jacket

Insulation: Fleece
Weight: 1 pound
What we like: Very durable, gorgeous design, pretty comfortable
What we don’t: Can feel a little overweight

Helly Hansen has some of the best quality winter clothing on the market. This team crew mid-layer jacket is one of their best selling jackets that you can get for yourself. It’s super warm, cozy, and it’s going to give you a richer experience in cold environments.

This jacket is fleece insulated. That makes it super durable. It features 100% Polyester face and 100% Polyurethane back, which is pretty impressive. You can easily machine wash it, and that takes away all the hassle of maintenance. It has additional pockets, and you can put all the small things there for convenience. That makes these jackets super functional as well.

The design is super sleek and the jacket looks amazing. The fit is right on point and it doesn’t look baggy at all. It might feel a bit overweight, but that’s because of the fleece insulation as fleece tends to be a bit overweight in general. However, it provides you amazing warmth. So you can keep warm in cold environments. It’s also water-resistant and windproof. That helps to keep you warm for longer.

Also, these jackets are super comfortable as well. It’s going to make your experience so much better and richer. You can use these mid-layer jackets for traveling, snowboarding, skiing, fishing, kayaking, and so many different places. And that makes it a very versatile jacket, which is pretty amazing.

So, if you’d like to get a great quality jacket for you at the best price, you can undoubtedly try out this one. It’s going to give you the best value for your money, and you’ll be satisfied with the quality.

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