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The Best Dalbello DS MX 65 Ski Boot

Dalbello DS MX 65 Boot

Dalbello DS MX 65 Boot

Size Options: 25.5-31.5
Weight: 15 Pounds
Flex: 65
Last: 105
What we like: Very comfortable on the feet, super affordable, great for beginner and intermediate skiers
What we don’t like: Super basic ski boots

Dalbello DS MX 65 Boot

If you are searching for a pair of quality ski boots at a very affordable price range, Dalbello has their best selling DS MX 65 boot for you. These are super comfy boots that you can have for yourself that’ll not break the bank.

These boots are super lightweight as they weigh only 15 pounds. That helps to give you more freedom and flexibility in your movement while skiing. Also, these are super comfortable on your feet as well. The 105 last helps to give you a better fit even if you are someone with wider feet. The 40 mm vertical strap keeps the boots secured in place and gives you extra control over your movements, which makes the skiing experience much better and safer as well. The micro-adjustable aluminum buckles let you adjust the boots according to your needs, which allows for great customization.

The super comfort inner boots are designed to give you the comfiest fit and it also keeps you warm in super cold environments as well. The ultra-soft cushioning also allows you to get the boots on and off easily. The shell and the cuffs are made of DB Hyperlite material, which gives fantastic longevity.

However, these are not hiking mode boots, and are pretty basic boots when it comes to functionality. But if you are someone who just wants to enjoy the best skiing experience without spending a lot of money on ski boots, these are truly the perfect option for you to get. Just give it a go, and you’ll fall in love with these pairs in no time.

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