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Dakine Heli Pack 12L Backpack for Women

Dakine Heli Pack 12L Backpack for Women

Category: Resort
Capacities: 12L
Weight: 2.5 Ounces
What we like: Ultra-lightweight, super comfortable, sleek design
What we don’t: Doesn’t have a lot of space to store objects

Dakine is a well-renowned brand in the ski gear industry that produces some of the most premium ski backpacks across the market. This backpack is all that you need in a lightweight compact backpack. It’s super functional and has a specific fit for women so that you get the best comfort out of it.

This backpack lets you carry the snowboard vertically. It’s made with pretty heavy-duty materials that give you a perfect balance in maximum performance and longevity. It uses zipper closure for maximum convenience in functionality. You can get super quick access to the essentials with it.

This backpack is also ultralightweight. It only weighs 2.5 ounces, which gives you a feather-like feel and much more freedom in the skiing experience. However, the storage might feel a bit low for some people as it comes with a capacity of only 12L. But if you are planning to carry lightweight essentials, it’s the perfect backpack for you. It’s made to last a very long time thanks to the premium materials used in it. Also, the insulated hydro sleeve keeps everything safe and well protected inside.

You can get the perfect fit with this backpack as well. It comes with a specific fit for all women. The 25mm web belt with hip wings lets you get more control of everything. And there’s a rescue whistle on the sternum strap that’s necessary for any emergencies.

As you saw, the Dakine Heli Pack 12L backpack for women is a premium backpack with all the amazing features. You can’t find such a compact and durable backpack elsewhere. So, if you can afford it, go for it by all means; it’ll give you the best value for your money.

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