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16 Best Climbing Exercises for Beginners

Climbing may be a hobby or a profession. Many of you do this risky task only to satisfy your mind. Generally, climbers don’t confine themselves in one kind of climbing. Therefore, they tend to conquer the mountains, hills, rope, rocks, rocks, and the like.

But my question is that – is it easy to climb? No, not at all. It would be best if you prepared yourself for the job by doing a variety of exercises.

If you are a beginner, you may have a lack of knowledge in this regard. But don’t be disappointed! In this blog post, we will introduce you to the best climbing exercises for beginners.

Without exercises or workouts, you cannot reach your goals as the task is very daunting! So to get ready for it, let’s practice the following climbing exercises for the beginners.

1. Pull-ups and Dead hangs

As you know, the shoulders, forearms, and fingers play the most important role in climbing. It may be hills, mountains, rocks, and the like – they are the most responsible for pulling you up. Hence, you need to make them strong! Yes, the pull-up is the right solution in this regard. You can do it five times first with a short break.

The brake is essential here because you are at the very beginning of the exercise. If you do the exercise too much and too fast, this may lead to injury. Therefore, you do the exercise hard for a short time, and after that, take some rest. Gradually, you can increase the limit, and at one point, you will see that you can do it more than before!

Using a hang-board can make pull-ups and dead-hangs easier. Dead-hangs refers to static hanging, not pulling up. Both of the exercises are vital for your core, shoulders, arms, and fingers. Ensure that you are doing the exercises in the right way, and don’t forget to bend your elbows slightly during the dead-hang. Otherwise, it can lead to severe injury.

2. Single-leg squats

Legs are essential that push you up while climbing, and that is why you need to make your leg muscles stronger. You will be amazed to know that legs help you push up more than your arms and are more robust. So to make them stronger, you can practice single-leg squats.

Listen, leg exercises for climbers are mandatory, and that is why squats can help you a lot. To do this, firstly, stand up and keep your hands on your waist. Then slowly sit down and take a minimum of 30 seconds to finish. And please, don’t forget to use your one leg only as you are doing single-leg squats. After a while, change your leg and do the same thing as before.

3. Make a strong core

If you want to make your muscle groups more effective during a climb, you have to keep your core stronger. As a result, the different muscle groups you have can take some pressure from your arms while climbing, especially the horizontal roof. And of course, while dealing with challenging boulders, you need to tighten all the muscles your body contains so that you can stay safe by preventing the rock from breaking down.

4. Planking

Another important climbing exercise is planking. It helps your core be healthier, and to do this, you need to keep yourself up with the help of either your hands or forearms. Now try to keep the body straight as much as possible. Continue it for a minute and then take rest for a while. Remember, some variations can make your core workout more effective and finger stronger. So you can also do it on straight arms by outstretching your fingers. Besides, the mountain climber plank can be a good variation and a more effective core workout.

5. Leg lifts

Lifting your legs by using your core is a common phenomenon in climbing, and you need to do it during roof routes or overhanging. You can practice this one with the help of a pull-up bar or a hang board. Firstly, to do the exercise, you need to hang from your arms, and after that, spread your legs in such a way that they remain straight to your upper body. You can continue doing this for about 30 to 40 seconds. Practicing it 10 to 15 times daily can be so helpful. Short intervals between the time can ease your pressure and lessen the difficulties.

6. Antagonist muscles development

Generally, climbers need to pull frequently to climb. Hence, climbing antagonist training is essential. As they have curved and split shoulders, the organ can be injured at that time because of excessive pressure. That is why they need to do exercises to make antagonist muscles strong to avoid injury.

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7. Push-up

As a climber, you may know that chest exercises for climbers are mandatory. Push-up is a great way to strengthen your chest muscles, core, arms, and shoulders. Therefore, every climber should do this exercise to improve the mentioned parts.

However, to start the push-up, you need to widen your hands gently, which will be wider than your shoulders. You also need to engage your core at that time and keep your body uncurved and above the surface. Now you must keep your elbows very near to your torso as much as you can. Thus, it will energize your aligns, joints, and triceps perfectly.

8. Tricep dips

To be a successful climber, you should include tricep dips in your rock climbing workout routine. Dips are vital because they work on your abdominal muscles, shoulders, chest, and triceps.

To do it, keep your palms on the ground and straighten your head, back, and legs as much as you can. Now push down and then backward. You can do it 20 times or more, depending on your physical condition. Surprisingly, this exercise is regarded as one of the most effective ones for climbers.

9. Dumbbell Shoulder Presses

It doesn’t mean that you always have to go to gyms or outside the home to exercise. Rock climbing exercises at home can also be fruitful. If you have dumbbells at home, you can do it there.

Generally, you spend your leisure period at home, moving here and there. But isn’t it convenient enough to take a dumbbell and practice dumbbell shoulder presses? Yes, and of course, you need not spend extra time on this. But be careful that the dumbbell touches the top each time you press it.

10. Yoga

Many climbers want to include yoga in their climbing workout planAccording to them, it enhances their longevity and climbing capability. Not only that, but also it is a great way to improve flexibility and balance. You will have a variety of yoga routines out there that focus on flexibility and strength.

The poses, such as the bridge pose, seated twist, downward dog, warrior 1, and eagle strengthen legs and butt muscles by stretching one’s lower back muscles, hip flexor, chest, calf, trapezius, and shoulder. How convenient, that is! And, only three times a week will meet your demand.

11. Bicep Curls

Among rock climbing exercises, the Bicep curl is also remarkable. To do this, you require a pair of dumbbells and need to hold them by your hands. Then bend both of the elbows and curl the weights. Continue doing this as far as the dumbbells don’t reach your shoulder. Finally, back them down. Interestingly, you can do it either sitting on a chair or standing on the ground.

12. Bicycle Kicks

Bicycle Kick is a useful strength training for rock climbing. Firstly, lie down straight on your back and spread the hands on the ground. Then place your legs over the ground and bring any one of the knees towards your chest. After that, do the same with the other leg and return the other one to the place. In this way, continue doing so just like you do while riding a bicycle. Please do it for 20 times or more according to your physical ability.

13. Wrist Curls

Wrist curl is another best climbing exercise for beginners. You can use a chair and a pair of dumbbells to accomplish this exercise. Firstly, sit on the chair and hold the dumbbells with your hands. Secondly, touch your forearms on your legs. Thirdly, hang your wrists off the from and face your palms up. Fourthly, curl the wrists up towards your body. And finally, lower the wrists back. In this way, you can practice wrist curls and make them fit for climbing.

14. Lunges

Stand with ease and move your one foot ahead. Then bend in the front and continue doing it as far as your front leg places at an angle of 90 degrees. Finally, return to your first position and do the same with the other leg. Undoubtedly, this one is a prevalent type of rock climbing exercise.

15. Wall Sits

Wall sits can be an excellent strength training for climbers. To do it, you need to stand straight and lean your hips against a wall. Then gradually, sit down, touching your hips on the wall. Finally, stay there as long as possible.

16. Calf Raises

The calf raise is the final best climbing exercise for the beginners on our list. Honestly, if you want to practice it, you need to stand still. Then put pressure on the feet and raise your heels. To complete it, lower your hills down. Remember, a pair of dumbbells can make the workout harder.

The conclusion

Is that easy to climb or to get ready for it? You know the answer very well. But trying hard cannot dishearten anyone. As a climber, I would like to suggest you follow the best climbing exercises for beginners. I guarantee if you complete the above workouts perfectly, nothing will dare to stop you. Learn how to Improve Your Lead Climbing Outdoors

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