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A full Day Mountain Biking Equipment Checklist

Mountain biking is always enjoyable, though risky. That is why many people do it for recreations apart from professional purposes. But before starting it, you must gain some particular knowledge about it. Or, you may fail to be successful in your first attempt. You should know many things, including trail conditions and what essentials you need to take with you. Today, we will tell you about a full day mountain biking equipment checklist in this blog post.

Interestingly, you need to arrange biking dresses, extra tubes, and special tool kits for emergency periods. Simultaneously, you need to know about biking gear and what to take in your Backpack. If you don’t know, there is nothing to worry about at all. The following checklist will help you understand all about them in detail. Let’s go through the following article:

The mountain biking gear you should have

Your mountain bike gear should be a complete one. Otherwise, you may suffer in the long run. You know that we always work for your betterment, and that is why we are providing you with a complete gear list for your help in the following. Let’s look at them at a glance:

Pick up the right shoes.

Every sport has a specific pair of shoes. Without buying them separately, you may not get the real pleasure and comfort during those respective sports. So you need a pair of perfect mountain bike shoes to clip to or stick to the pedals of your favorite bike.

But if you are a beginner or a casual rider, clip-in shoes are unnecessary because you may require to push the parts of a hill up or hop off the bicycle often. So, you should pick up sticky shoes if you are going to start it for the very first time. The Giro Chamber Mens Cycling Shoes and Fizik X5 Terra Mountain Bike Shoe are our recommended mountain biking shoes.

Buy a high-quality helmet.

A good-quality helmet can save your head from being damaged during an accident. Am I right? Yes, of course. That is why those who ride a bicycle or motorbike should wear it. However, you will have a variety of mountain bike helmets out there. But always bear in mind that not all of them are suitable and can cope with high shocks. As you need to go through rocky and rough trails during mountain biking, a reliable and heavy-duty helmet is mandatory.

Frankly, you should not buy oblong, striped, or dorky helmets that are used for road biking. They may be less effective in protecting shocks. Like a snowboard helmet, a mountain bike one is stylish. Don’t be disappointed because we always recommend quality helmets for our customers. In that case, I must utter the names of the Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet and Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet. Undoubtedly, they ensure high-safety for you, I guarantee.

Pick up perfect shin guard and knee pads.

Making the same mistakes frequently will never solve them entirely if you don’t learn through the mistakes. When you make a mistake, try not to repeat it again. As mountains are full of snakes, you may be a victim of snakebite. But taking some precautions can help you not to experience it twice. Honestly, mountain bike knee pads and shin guards can play a vital role in avoiding them.

Moreover, they help skip shocks against pedals and collision against shrubs and bushes. That is why you should buy a perfect shin guard and knee pads for you and, thus, can enjoy a smooth ride. In that case, the G-Form Pro S Compact Shin Guard and Rocktape Rock Guards can ease your pressure a bit.

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Gloves and Elbow pads

Gloves play a crucial role in bike riding. Mountain bike gloves keep your hands dry and fit with the handlebars. Similarly, they avoid slips while bumping with rough surfaces. And if you fall in an accident, they also save your hands from a severe injury. Simultaneously, mountain bike elbow pads play the same role during an accident.

That is why you should buy high-class hand gloves and elbow pads for you. For hand gloves, you can have a look at the KANSOON and HTZPLOO Bike Gloves. And for elbow pads, you can easily rely on the Bodyprox and G-Form Pro X2 Elbow Pad without thinking twice.

Jerseys and shorts

Like other games and sports, biking also has particular kinds of jerseys. So you have to choose the right mountain bike jerseys to make the session comfortable. Well-ventilated and easy to dry jerseys are so convenient and comfortable. At the same time, mountain bike shorts should also be soft and comfortable. Otherwise, your entire session can be nothing but hazards. Wisdom Leaves and Hanes Men’s are our favorite jerseys, and simultaneously, Zoic and Santic Men’s Loose-fit Mountain Bike Shorts are the top picked shorts on our list.

What to include in your Backpack

Before arranging your Backpack, you should be well-aware of the types. So fix whether you need a day pack or a multi-day one. For example – if you want a day pack, you should take a small water bottle, and for multi-days, the bottle should be bigger enough to cover the whole session. However, we have made a suitable backpack checklist for you in the following. Remember, without complete mountain bike accessories, you may not enjoy a hassle-free ride. Let’s check them at a glance.

  • Water bottle: This one generally depends on your drinking habit. But you can take a small one if you determine to ride for two hours. You have to consider it thoughtfully because you will find it so difficult to continue when the bottle runs out quickly.
  • High-quality tire levers: While biking on the rough surface of mountains, you may need to change tires or tubes unexpectedly. That is why you must include perfect tire levers in your Backpack.
  • Tube: Puncturing tubes is a common phenomenon for mountain bikers. Sometimes, the damage is so much that you need to replace a new one. For this reason, you should take extra tubes in your Backpack. Please, don’t forget to pick up according to the tire size.
  • Tire puncture repair kit: Mountain bike repair kit for tires is a must. When the tube damage is less, you can fix it without replacing a new one. If your bike contains tubeless tires, you can also repair them when they get damaged with the kit. For avoiding danger, your bike should have the best mountain bike tires.
  • Pump: Fortunately, you will have a variety of high-class pumps out there. You can choose a hand one for convenient use.
  • Spare chain link: This one is so small and takes very little space in your Backpack. It will help you repair a snap chain.
  • Mech hanger: A mech hanger varies from bike to bike. Therefore, you need to select a suitable one that is compatible with your bike.
  • Energy bar: The energy bar is essential because the energy levels may be dipped for a quick spin. In that case, it will help you recover soon.
  • Multi-tool: The mountain bike multi-tool is crucial for readjusting your bike after a long ride. So you should include it with others.
  • Medical Kit: Nobody can guarantee an accident. Now, are you thinking about mountain biking protective gear? Hmm, of course, you must keep a small medical kit with you when you go to ride on those adverse terrains. This one is one of the most vial mountain bike accessories you must have.
  • Zip-ties: Beginner mountain bike trails are easier for professionals. But whether being a beginner or a professional doesn’t matter. You should keep this mountain bike tool kit with you because it will help you bring your bike safely and easily in case of mechanical assistance.
The Conclusion

Biking in the mountains is not that easy. It can bring both happiness and destruction if you fail to advance systematically. So you have to take exact mountain biking protective gear to stay safe from coming dangers. I hope the above Mountain Biking Equipment Checklist will help you spend a hassle-free biking session. And you must enjoy a comfortable riding time better than ever.

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