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10 Safest Mountain Bike Trails Around The World

If you are a mountain biker, you are always searching for the safest mountain bike trails around the world. Am I right? Hmm, you should because nobody wants to face danger during the entertainment. Fortunately, you must find thousands of mountain bike trails, but not all of them are suitable for you, especially if you are a beginner. Before taking part, you should know the ins and outs of a trail. Remember, an unfamiliar one can suffer you a lot.

Knowing about the trail condition will make your riding easy, safe, and comfortable. At the same time, a trail full of natural beauty can satisfy your mind and remove tiredness after passing a hectic day with your bike. That is why, in this blog post, I will tell you about the 10 safest and beautiful trails on earth. I guarantee you must not repent after visiting them for once.

  1. The 401 Trail Of Colorado, USA

If you search for the best mountain bike trails, you can easily go to the 401 Trail of Colorado, USA, without thinking twice. This one is extremely popular for its relaxed and chilled atmosphere. Frankly, the place will make your pulse alight by providing real classics. At the same time, Crested Butte, the town of the old mountain, is so friendly and convenient and makes your heart cool and your eyes relaxed. You can go to the remote and silent backcountry and enjoy the heart-breaking beauty of the trail. When you reach the deep valley, you must be amazed to see the trees and meadows full of various colorful flowers.

  1. The Old Ghost Road Of New Zealand

The old ghost road of New Zealand is a wonderful and one of the safest mountain bike trails in the world. Of course, you will enjoy a new journey while going through the tracks. The rainforest full of green trees is so attractive that it removes the tiredness of biking. You will have rolling hills there, and the green woods beside both sides provide you with a joy that you have never experienced before!

The ghost lake hut is an ideal place where you can spend a night. It gives you the chance to enjoy the beautiful starry night under the open sky, and surely, you can never forget the experience you gather at that time. The most attractive time is the sunset that peeps over the hills and makes you refreshed quickly. The village pub there will allow you to recharge yourself by drinking a can full of cold beer. Frankly, the trail will make the session a special one for you.

  1. The Lupra Pass Trail Of Nepal

If you want to get a great divide mountain bike route, you have to go to the Lupra Pass of Nepal. The trail is surrounded by the Himalayas and some other high-rise mountains. When you go there, you will undoubtedly lose your breath and words. The highness around will provide you with a gentle and cool breeze and a feeling that it seems you are on the roof of the world. Here you will ride on the top of 4100m from the ground through a dusty, flowing, and fast singletrack. Isn’t that surprising enough?

When it’s time for lunch, you can go to Jomsom through a long bridge and, after that, a dried-up river bed. After taking some rest, you will start riding again and cross some Nepalese urban farmlands and trails to reach Marpha to spend the night.

  1. The Mefjellet Trails Of Norway

Mefjellet of Norway is an exceptional and safe trail for mountain biking. There you will have “Gåssten,” a floating hotel, for spending a night. Going on the rooftop, you can see the peak of Mefjellet when you look up. And by looking down, you can find the fjord full of turquoise waters. When starting biking, you need to go over the ridgeline that is glacier-carved and covered with snow, and it seems that you have set sail towards the sky.

And when it’s time to go downwards, you need not pedal much due to the gravity. The whole atmosphere will provide you with a feeling that you never forget throughout your entire life. Besides, you can get an opportunity to enjoy natural beauty and shed your anxieties away.

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  1. The Cheese Man Trail Of Slovenia

The Cheese Man of Slovenia is another one of the safest and best mountain bike trails on earth. Here you can ride and enjoy the best gifts of nature simultaneously. It is located near the Italian border, and the tall alpine pastures it contains, and the Soca river underneath will give you the real pleasure of sightseeing. The local shepherds there will make your day full of joy.

The trail here is diverse and 15 km long. The Alpine forest and the grazing cattle beside the road will fill your heart with unusual happiness and shed your fatigues away swiftly. You can also see the beauty of orange hues, river Soca, and limestone outcrops that will donate you extra riding strength. If you want refreshment, this one is the place you are looking for so far.

  1. The Achnashellach Trail Of Scotland

As a biker and an adventurous man, you must love wilderness where you can get the taste of both riding and adventure. Achnashellach of Scotland is such a place where you can quickly satisfy your mind. The whole environment here is mythical because of the convenient weather condition and dramatic scenery all around it. And the trails are technical, tough, and challenging enough and full of rocks that will make your MTB project fulfilled.

  1. The Cotopaxi Trail Of Ecuador

The Cotopaxi trail of Ecuador is a world-class mountain creek bike park of the world. Here you will find active volcanoes and tropical jungles through which you have to ride. Cotopaxi includes many volcanic slopes; apart from that, the riding path is full of petrified lava, sand, boulders, and ashes that have made the trail adventurous.

  1. The Tizi Mezzik Pass Trail Of Morocco

Tizi Mezzik Pass of Morocco is an exceptional and breathtaking MTB trail. When you climb it on foot, you have to be careful because the entrance is rocky, loose, and steep. Apart from that, the place is the most favorite one for many mountain bikers. Before starting the session, you can refresh your heart by watching the immense views of the area. The road is a singletrack one, and the line is so thin that it looks like the line drawn by a pencil. Then the line goes across the hillside and reaches the valleys and villages. Honestly, you can experience something better if you select the place for your ride. There is nothing to worry about spending the night because you will have the High Atlas in this regard.

  1. The Mountain Hero Mine Trail Of Yukon, Canada

The mountain trail is lovely, convenient, and one of the safest one for biking. The place is surrounded by massive vacant wilderness that will help you suck the beauty of nature and fill your heart with joy. You may love Katy trail of Colorado, but this one can completely change your previous attitude and fill your mind with a new one. The 360-degree look of the mountain full of alpine will make your day great! Truly, you will not regret it if you select the place for your mountain biking.

  1. The Flowtastic Trail Of Spain

If you want to visit Spain for mountain biking, you must go to Flowtastic to quench your thirst. I’m not talking about the Andalucian food here. I’m just talking about the fantastic riding trail of the place. The path flows as a branch of Trevelez, Spain’s highest village where you can taste Jamones. Indeed, the riding track is so fabulous that it will change your previous biking experiences and refresh them with newer ones.

The Conclusion

The safest mountain bike trails described above will make your riding great and enjoyable. There are also some other popular trails on earth, such as the trestle bike park, monarch crest trails, east coast greenway, Katy trail, etc. But you can pick any from our list without thinking twice because all of them are the results of our hard research. Undoubtedly, they will provide your heart and mind with a heavenly touch.

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